Crafting Cinema at KU: A Hands on Filmmaking Workshop

Crafting Cinema at KU: A Hands on Filmmaking Workshop

This beginner course will provide students with hands-on, practical knowledge about the key aspects of filmmaking. It is designed for anyone interested in filmmaking and does not require any prior experience in the visual arts, film, or media. Individuals who want to explore and learn about the process of filmmaking or pursue it as a career will benefit from the course. In a competitive workshop setting, students will learn fundamental filmmaking skills. They will be introduced to a variety of innovative techniques in a collaborative setting. After working on short assignments throughout the course, they will produce a final, self-directed project. 

Students will learn from experienced film industry professionals and competent lecturers. They will gain skills in screenwriting, directing, camera work, sound design, lighting, editing, and production management. Beginning from the first session, they will have access to digital cameras, sound recording equipment, lighting kit and editing software. 


Student will

  • develop fundamental understanding of filmmaking processes. 
  • learn essential skills in cinematography, sound design and editing useful in film production. 
  • write, direct, produce and edit an independent film project. 
  • present their projects to international competitions and festivals 



After the course, students will 

  • demonstrate a critical understanding of pre-production, production, and post-production processes in filmmaking. 
  • gain competitive skills in screenwriting, cinematography, and sound design
  • be able to work on film sets, pursue independent filmmaking and use audio-visuals in their personal and professional lives.