Academic Programs


Department of Development Studies

Master in Development Studies

The Master in Development Studies (DEVS) at Kathmandu University is a multidisciplinary programme offered to meet the growing complexity of development activities.


Master in Human and Natural Resources Studies

The Master in Human and Natural Resources Studies (HNRS) at Kathmandu University (KU) currently offers Master’s and PhD degrees. These are research-oriented professional degrees and the programme seeks to impart the research and analytical abilities necessary to understand the structure and functioning of rural society and their natural resource base.


Department of Languages and Mass Communication

Bachelor in Media Studies (BMS) is an intensive four-year program offered under the Department of Languages and Mass Communication.
It consists of all-encompassing courses with scope for concentration in a specialized field such as journalism, radio production, television production and film production, marketing communications, new media, media research, and so on.


Department of Music

In August 1996, Kathmandu University (K.U.) opened a Department of Music in Bhaktapur, where ethnomusicology (B.A. and M.A.) and practical music (North Indian classical and Nepalese local traditions) are taught to Nepalese and foreign students. The then German President, Dr. Roman Herzog, inaugurated the department during his state visit to Nepal on 29th November 1996. The academic courses are conducted by an experienced ethnomusicologist from Germany and lecturers from the U.S. and Nepal. Teaching staff for performance training includes local musicians and dancers.


Department of Arts and Design

Center for Art and Design (KU Art+Design) - with a very short yet impressive history is committed towards establishing a benchmark in fine art education in Nepal. Realizing this need for qualitative fine art education in Nepal, Kathmandu University established Art and Design program in 2003 under School of Arts. With the initiation of key person Mr. Aidan Warlow, Director, M.A, Oxford, along with two other faculty members Mr. Rabindra Puri, M.A. Bremen and Mr. Sujan Chitrakar, M.F.A. New Delhi, and an assistant administrative staff Mr. Gopal Magar, a one-year Diploma course in Fine Arts was launched. Set up on the top floor that was rented off of a public school in a historic vicinity of Durbar Square, Bhaktapur, the first batch comprised of only six students.



Disability Research Center

Disability Research Centre (DRC) is a joint initiative of Kathmandu University School of Arts and UNICEF Nepal. It focuses on disability research, training and teaching from the perspective of social, economic and institutional linkages.


Center for Buddhist Studies

The courses offered at Rangjung Yeshe Institute include a variety of topics in Buddhist Philosophy, History, and Cultural Studies, and in Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Nepali languages. Students who are seeking a thorough education in Buddhist Philosophy and Himalayan languages may enroll in formal degree programs at BA, MA, and PhD levels or take advantage of RYI’s Certificate Course in Buddhist Studies. Several specialized non-degree courses are also available including RYI’s eight-week long summer intensives, online learning courses, and a year-long translator training program.


Confucius Institute at KU

The Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University is a high-level Chinese Language and Culture institution, cooperatively established by Hebei University of Economics and Business and Kathmandu University with the ratification of Office of Chinese Language Council International. It is also the first Confucius Institute in Nepal.



PhD Programs

Developing and transition countries are affected by a multitude of environmental, political, economic, socio-cultural, and technical development problems and disparities. These occur in many different contexts, and their frequency and acuteness have greatly increased in the 20th century. The challenge for research that aims to produce knowledge relevant to prevention and mitigation of such problems and disparities is that these do not occur independently of each other, but are closely interrelated, appearing in clusters.


Bachelor in Community Development Programme

The Bachelor in Community Development (BCD) is a four-year undergraduate program designed to produce leaders and champions for community development and social change in the country. This is a unique professional program designed to cater human resources required for community development through self entrepreneurship and skilled professionals to work with different sections of the society such as environment, health, development, equity, women, children, youth, elderly, Dalits, people with disabilities, and communities affected by various transformations.


Bachelors in Economics

Economics deals with production, distribution, consumption and management of goods and services. The study of economics is central to the understanding of business, markets, trade, government policies, international issues, globalization, health, development, and the environmental issues. It explores how decisions made by producers, distributors, consumers, businesses and governments affect our society and contributes to our understanding of policy design and business strategy.


Affiliated Colleges

National College

Since the formation of the National College in 1996, it has created a history of conceptualizing and implementing tailor-made academic programs in the fields of development education. Presently, the college offers three unique programs namely Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS) since 1999, Bachelor in Development Finance (BDFin) since 2006, and Bachelor of Social Sciences (BoSS) since 2013. Affiliated to Kathmandu University, these forward looking programs are designed to address the contemporary issues of national and global contexts.


St. Xavier’s College

ST. XAVIER’S COLLEGE, Kathmandu, is an educational institution of higher learning established and managed by the Nepal Jesuit Society. The Jesuits began their educational work in Nepal in 1951 with the opening of St. Xavier’s School, Godavari, followed by St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel, St. Xavier’s School, Deonia, Moran Memorial School, Maheshpur,and St. Xavier's School, Sadakbari.